CorelDRAW X4

CorelDraw X4
CorelDRAW X4 Overview
CorelDRAW X4 is an impressive and professional graphics design suite that has been loaded with lots of tools as well as options to help you in creating some staggering projects. With this application you can create impressive logos, ads and websites. This application is aimed at the professional designers as well as artists.
CorelDraw X4
CorelDRAW X4 lets you unleash the artist in you and express your feelings in a very intuitive and comfortable environment. It has been equipped with a classic and menu-shaped user interface which will provide the users with all the functions that facilitate photo editing, web graphics design and for creating rich as well as unique content. With CorelDRAW X4, styles and colors are very easy to create and use through utilities like Style Sets and Color Harmonies. There are rich templates, fonts and cliparts included in this suite which comes in handy in editing some high resolution digital photos. All in all CorelDRAW X4 is an imposing and professional graphics design application which is used for creating impressive logos, ads and websites.

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