Using information technology chapter 3 (continued)

Stage 1
Self Test Questions
15      Word processing software allows you to create and edit documents.
16      Scrolling is the activity of moving upward or downward through the next or other screen display.
17     Name four editing features offered by word processing programs : insert & delete , find and replace , cut/copy & paste, Spelling checker.
18     In a spreadsheet, the place where a row and a column intersect is called a cell .
19     The cursor is the moveable symbol on the display screen that shows you where you may next enter data or commands.
20     When you buy a software, you pay for a               software license , a contract by which you agree not to make copies of the software to give away or sell.
21     Records In database are sorted according to a key .
22      Desktop publishing involves mixing text and graphics to produce high quality output for commercial printing.
23     A spreadsheets allows users to create tables and do “what-if” financial analyses by entering data and formulas into rows and columns arranged as a grid on a display screen.
24      Word warp automatically continues text to the next line when you reach the right margin.
25     Settings that are automatically used by a program unless the user specifies otherwise are called Default-Settings .
26      Public-Domain software is not protected by copyright and may be copied to anyone.
27      Device drivers are specialized software programs that allow input and output devices to communicate with the rest of the computer system.
28     The Portable document format allows documents to be sent to almost any platform and be opened without losing any of their characteristics (text, colors, graphics, formatting)
Multiple Choice Questions
7         Which of the following is not an advantage of using database software ?
a.  Integrated data
b.  Improved data integrity
c.  Lack of structure
d.  Elimination of data redundancy
8         Which of the following is not a feature of word processing software?
a.  Spelling checker
b.  Cell address
c.  Formatting
d.  Cut and paste
e.  Find and replace
9         What is the common consumer computer interface used today?
a.  Command-drived interface
b.  Graphical user interface
c.  Menu-driven interface
d.  Electronic user interface
e.  Biometric user interface
10     Which type of software can you download and duplicate without any restrictions whatsoever and without a fear of legal prosecution?
a.  Commercial software
b.  Shareware
c.  Public-domain software
d.  Pirated software
e.  Rentalware
True/False Questions
8         Public-domain software is protected by copyright and so is offered for sale by license only.(F)
9         The records within the various tables in a database are linked by a key field.(T)
10     QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign are professional desktop-publishing programs.(T)
11     The best known graphical user interface is the command driven one.(F)
12     Microsoft power point is an example of financial software.(F)
13     Drawing programs create vector images, and painting programs produce bit-mapped images.(T)
14     General computer users can design their own web pages using Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Front page.(T)
Stage 2
Short-Answer Questions
9         What is open-source software?
Open source software meaning any programmer can download it from the internet for free and modify it with suggested improvements.
10     What does defragmenting do?
Find all scattered files on hard disk and reorganize them as contiguous files.
11     What is an embedded system?
Any electronic system that uses CPU chip but that is not general workstation , desktop , or laptop computer . for example : automobiles , planes , trains , barcode scanners , fuel pumps.
12     What are the following types of application software used for?
  1. Project management software
A program used to plan an schedule people , costs , and resources required to complete a project on time.
  1. Desktop-publishing software
A program used to design and produce high quality output which include mixing text and graphics for commercial printing.
  1. Database software
A program that sets up and controls the structure of a database and access to the data.
  1. Spreadsheet software
A program that allow users to create tables and financial schedules by entering data and formulas into rows and columns arranged as a grid on a display screen.
  1. Word processing software
A program that allow you to use computers to create , edit . format , print , and score text material.
13     Which program is more sophisticated, analytical graphics or presentation graphics ?Why ?
Presentation graphics , because presentation graphics uses graphics , animation , sound , and data or information to make visual presentation while analytical graphics only convert numeric data into graph to make it easier to analyzed.
14     How are the following different from another? Pop up menu; pull-down menu; cascading menu.
A pop up menu is a list of command options that can “pop up” anywhere on the screen when you click the right  mouse button.
Pull-down menu also called drop down menu is a list of options that pulls down from the menu bar at the top of the screen .
Cascading menu is a menu that seem to fly back to the right or explode out to the right, wherever there is a space.
The difference between them is pop up menu didn’t connected to the menu bar , while pull down menu and cascading menu is connected to the menu bar .choosing one of the options in pulls down menu may produce cascading menu.
15     What is importing? Exporting ?
Importing is defined as getting data from another source and then converting it into a format compatible with the program in which you are currently working.
Exporting is defined as transforming data into a format that can be used in another program and then transmitting it.
16     Briefly compare drawing programs and painting programs.
Drawing program illustrate objects and products by creating vector images (images created from geometrical formulas) while painting image simulate painting on the screen. Painting images produce bit-mapped image , or raster image , made up of little dots.
17     Explain what computer-aided design(CAD)programs do.
CAD is a programs used for design products , structures , civil engineering drawings , and maps.
18     Discuss the various software licenses : site licenses, concurrent-use licenses, multiple-user licenses, single-user license.
Site license is a license that allow software to be used on all computers at a specific location.
Concurrent-use licenses allow a certain number of copies of the software to be used at the same time.
Multiple user license specifies the number of people who may use the software.
Single user license limits software use to one user at a time.

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