Using information technology chapter 3

Stage 1
Self – Test Questions
  1. System software enables the computer to perform essential operating tasks.
  2. Application software is a term for programs designed to perform specific tasks for the user.
  3. Multitasking is the activity in which a computer works on more than one process at a time.
  4. Fragmentation is the scattering of portions of files about the disk in nonadjacent areas, thus greatly slowing access to the file.
  5. Windows and Mac OS are generally used on personalcomputers.
  6. Booting is the process of loading an operating system into a computer’s main memory.
  7. A(n) defragger is a utility that will find all the scattered files on your hard disk and reorganize them as contiguous file.
  8. The Operating system is the component of system software that comprises the master system of programs that manage the basic operations of the computer.
  9. The user interface is the user controllable display screen that allows you to communicate, or interact, with your computer.
  10. Disk scanner and disk cleanup utilities detect and correct certain types of common problems on hard disks, such as removing unnecessary files called temp files that are created by windows only for short tasks and system restore after system problem.
  11. OSs allows users to control access to their computers via use of a username and a password.
  12. Software or hardware that is copyrighted means that it is privately owned and controlled by a company.
  13. Linux is open – source software-meaning any programmer can download it from the internet for free and modify it with suggested improvements.
  14. When you power up a computer by turning on the power “on” switch, this is called a cold boot.if your computer is already on and you restart it, this is called warm boot.
Multiple-Choice questions
  1. Which of the following are functions of the operating system?
a.  File management
b.  CPU management
c.  Task management
d.  Booting
e.  All of these
  1. Which of the following was the first major microcomputer OS?
a.  Mac OS
b.  Windows
c.  DOS
d.  Linux
e.  Unix
  1. Which of the following is a prominent network operating system?
a.  Linux
b.  Ubuntu
c.  Windows NT
d.  DOS
e.  Mac OS
  1. Which of the following is the newest Microsoft Windows operating system?
a.  Windows Vista
b.  Windows XP
c.  Windows 7
d.  Windows NT
e.  Windows CE
  1. Which of the following refers to the execution of two or more programs by one user almost at the same time on the same computer with one central processor?
a.  Multitasking
b.  Multiprocessing
c.  Time-sharing
d.  Multiprogramming
e.  Coprocessing
  1. Which of the following are specialized software programs that allow input and output devices to communicate with the rest of the computer system?
a.  Multitasking
b.  Boot-disks
c.  Utility programs
d.  Device drivers
e.  Service packs
True/False Questions
  1. The supervisor manages CPU(T)
  2. The first graphical user interface was provided by Microsoft windows.(F)
  3. All operating systems are mutually compatible.(F)
  4. Font refers to a preformatted document that provides basic tools for shaping the final document.(F)
  5. Unix crashes often and thus is not normally used for running important large systems.(F)
  6. Windows NT is the most recent Microsoft OS.(F)
  7. Spreadsheet software enables you to perform what-if calculations.(T)
Stage 2
Short-Answer Questions
  1. Briefly define booting.
Booting is the process of loading an operating system into a computer’s main memory.
  1. What is the difference between a command-driven interface and a graphical user interface(GUI)?
Command driven interface = typing the command / instruction , GUI : Use a mouse or keystrokes  to click the command / instruction.
  1. Why can’t you run your computer without system software?
Because system software is a software that control the computer hardware you are using, without system software , the hardware is nothing but a junk.
  1. Why is multitasking useful?
Because multitasking allows the computer to switch rapidly back and forth among different tasks. The user is generally unaware of the switching process and thus can work in more than one application at a time.
  1. What is a device driver?
Device drivers are specialized software programs that allow input and output devices to communicate with the rest of the computer system.
  1. What is utility program?
Utility programs also known as services programs, perform tasks that related to the control and allocation of computer resources.
  1. What is a platform?
Platform is the particular processor model and operating system on which a computer system is based.
  1. What are the three components of system software? What is the basic function of each?
  • Operating system
An operating system is the principal component of system software in any computing system
  • Device drivers
Device drivers help the computer control peripheral devices
  • Utility programs
Utility programs are generally used to support enhance, or expand existing programs in a computer system.
Stage 3
3.  What do you think is the future of Linux? Experts currently disagree about whether Linux will become a serious competitors to windows. Research Linux on the web. Which companies are creating application software to run on Linux? Which businesses are adopting Linux as an OS? What are the predictions about Linux use?
I think Linux will dominate the market, because it’s an open  source software.
4.  How do you think you will obtain software for your computer in the future? Explain your answer.
I will buy it online , or I will  create it myself, because I’m studying computer science major. Or maybe if I am working with some software development company ,  I can get it free.

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