My Happiest Childhood Memory

My First ECBP (Enable Communication from a Business Perspective) Training Class Assignment Was Write Your "Happiest Childhood Memory" and I wrote below moments!

Childhood is a golden period of time for every person, as far as my childhood days are concern, those days were very special and have a unique place in my heart, and if I bring out a special childhood memory from my huge collections, I would like to share an incident I remember, when I was in 7th or maybe 8th standard’ at that time, one day our school teacher entered into the class room and start speaking the roll numbers for attendance, after the roll call he inquired, how many of you hasn’t deposited his school fee? please stand-up at his place, many of us has already deposited their fee earlier but three of our fellows couldn’t deposited their fee yet. Out of those three fellows, two were depositing at the same day. But remaining one was unable to deposit his fee due to his family was suffering from Financial crisis.

I would like to mention one more thing that Me and my Friend was class monitor and our teachers gave us instructions to collect homework, maintain discipline and revise the last lecture (topic discussed in previous class) to all classmates every day, and the advantage of class monitor was we were very frank with our class fellows, and they confidently share their problems with us. During the break time, we had a lunch with that classmate and discover the situation! why he hasn’t deposited his school fee. 

So, me and my friend decided to help him to bring him out from that situation! but without his knowledge. For that we made a plan, during his absence we aggregate the entire class and keep the whole matter in front of them and raise an appeal to participate for collecting the money, each of them participate from their pocket money and surprisingly we collect enough money to deposit his fee.  

On the very next day when teacher arrived in the class and inquired, hope all of you have paid the school fee, but again he stand up at his place because he was not aware that his school fee is already paid, and at the very next moment we entire class start laughing and our teacher was saying why you stand-up? You already paid your school fee. I remember his gestures; he was surprised and was looking around then a few moment later he also starts laughing that was the best moment when we entire class was laughing including our teacher.

That was the best moment ever.

If you also want to share your stories just write a comment on below....

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