Mustafa Kamal
Question No. 1: Who is the writer of the essay “Mustafa Kamal”?
Ans:     Wilfred F. Castle is the writer of the essay “Mustafa Kamal”.

Question No. 2: What was the attitude of the Turkish government towards the allies after world world I?
Ans:     Padsha and old liberals and old liberals wanted to from a government in collaboration with the allies.   

Question No. 3: Why was Mustafa Kamal sent to Antolia?
Ans:     Mustafa Kamal was sent to Anatolia to put down the rebels who were not obeying Padsha.

Question No. 4: What was the reaction of the Turkish patriots to the intentions of the allies to partition the Ottoman Empire?
Ans:     They planned to rage a war against the Greeks through guerillas. They wanted to build up to the national army and temporary government in Anatolia.

Question No. 5: Writer a note on Mustafa Kamal activities in Anatolia?
Ans:     Mustafa Kamal planned to rage a war against the Greeks through guerillas. He wanted to build up the national army and temporary government in Antolia.

Question No. 6: Why did Mehmet order Mustafa Kamal to return to Constantinople?
Ans:     Mehmet felt that he was working against the interest of his government. So he orded him to come back at once.

Question No. 7: What was Mustafa Kamal’s reply?
Ans:     In reply to the order of the sultan of turkey, Mustafa Kamal said. “ I shall stay in Anatolia until the nation has won its independence”.

Question No. 8: What was decided by the Grand Turkish National Assembly at the end of war?
Ans:     The Grand National Assembly of Turkey decided by the unanimous vote to abolish the Sultanate in Turkey.

Question No. 9: Why did Mustafa simply the Turkish language?
Ans:     The Turkish language had many Arabic and Persian words. It was difficult to learn. Mustafa kamal simplified the Turkish language to make it simple. Easy and modern.

Question No. 10: What were Mustafa views about women of the country?
Ans:     Mustafa was of the opinion that woman should have equal rights. They should be educated. They should bye encouraged to take part in nation progress.

Question No. 11: What were Mustafa Kamal economic reforms?
Ans:     For economic reform, new roads and railways were constructed. New factures were opened. He encouraged heavy industry. They banking system was organized. He did all this without borrowing from outside.

Question No. 12: What were his social reforms in the country?
Ans:     Mustafa Kamal finished old title. The people used to wear Fez: now wearing of hat was compulsory. Veil was also abolished. Women were allowed to get higher education.

Question No. 13: What happened on 23rd of April, 1920?
Ans:     On 23rd April, 1920, the revolutionary Turkish Grand Assembly met and elected Mustafa Kamal as the first president of Turkey.

Question No. 14: Why October 1923 I famous in the history of the world?
Ans:     The 29 October 1923 is famous in the history of the world because on that day the Ottoman Empire was wiped from history and a new Turkish Republic was established.

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