Mr Chips Important Questions

Good bye Mr. Chips
  1. Describe Mr. Chips first meeting with Mr. Wetherby?
  2. Describe the tragic death of Katherine?
  3. Describe the tragic seen of Mr. Chips Death?
  4. What was Mr. Chips Will?
  5. Where did Mr. Chips live after his retirement? How Mr. Chips did spend his retired life? Or what were the activities of Mr. Chips after retirement?
  6. How Mr. Chips did meet Katherine for the first time?
  7. What were the views of Chips and Katherine about politics?
  8. Write a note on Brookfield or what kind of school was Brookfield?
  9. What contributions did Brookfield make to England?
  10. Draw a character sketch of Mr. Chips.
  11. Write a note on Mr. Chips as a teacher.
  12. Write an account on Mr. Chips married life.
  13. What influence did Katherine Bridges exercise on Mr. Chips?
  14. Describe the first encounter between Mr. Chips and Katherine bridges?
  15. Describe briefly the quarrel between Mr. Chips and Ralston?
  16. Write a note Mr. Chip’s humor.
  17. Can we look upon Mr. Chips as an institution of Brookfield?
  18. Draw a Character sketch of Katherine Bridges?
  19. Write a note on views and ideas on Katherine bridges?
  20. Write a brief note on Mr. Wetherby.
  21. Write a brief note on Mr. Meldrum.
  22. Write a note on Mr. Ralston.
  23. Write a brief note on Chatteris.
  24. Write a brief note on Mr. Merivale.
  25. Write a note on Mrs. Wickett.
  26. Who was Mr. Collingwood?
  27. Who was Linford?
  28. Who was Cartwright?
  29. What kind of books read by Mr. Chips?
  30. What were the difficulties Chips faced when he tried to write a book on collection of his memories? Or what were the difficulties Chips faced when he tried to write a book on Brookfield?
  31. What were the two things Mr. Chips never done in his life?
  32. When was the Brookfield established?
  33. When and why Mr. Chips retired?
  34. Why was Mr. Ralston not liked at Brookfield?
  35. How did Mr. Chips entertain new comers?
  36. Describe briefly Mr. Chips Farewell speech.
  37. How did Mr. Chips political views were different from Katherine Bridges?
  38. Who said for the first time “Good Bye” Mr. Chips and when?

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