Cambridge Vocabulary For IELTS With Answers

Cambridge Vocabulary For IELTS With Answers + Audio
Summary Of The Book
Vocabulary For IELTS With Answer With Audio CD contains all the vocabulary that students would need to prepare for the IELTS exams. It even has a practice section for all papers. There is emphasis on difficult sections of vocabulary, such as the language used for data and processes.
The book covers vocabulary for a wide range of topics such as lifestyles, businesses, urbanisation, green revolution, information technology, innovation, media, law, arts, effective communication and more.

Both, the Cambridge Learner Corpus and the Cambridge International Corpus have appraised the material given in this book, thus making sure of the quality and accuracy of the vocabulary. Vocabulary For IELTS With Answer With Audio CD provides valuable instructions for students to approach the IELTS test with confidence.

Vocabulary For IELTS With Answer With Audio CD even features wordlists so that students can revise what they have learnt. Common errors that occur with vocabulary are also mentioned. Academic writing tasks are provided for students to practice, along with exercises on language building. The progress tests given in this book are a great tool for students to find out where they stand.

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