A: Good morning. United Airline
B: Hello. I’d like to speak to Mr. Johnson
A: I’m sorry he’s not in right now. Would you like to leave a message?
A: May I help you? Bank of America.
B: I’m trying to contact a friend Fred.
A: Just a moment. I’m afraid we have no one by that name, sir.
B: I see. Thank you.
A: Airblue, sir.
B: Extension 5578, please.
A: One moment, please.
A: This is Dr. Willian’s office
B: Is this 792-3025.
A: Could you connect me with the reservation office?
B: Hold the line a minute, I’ll connect you.
A: What number are you calling?
B: Area code 4415, 825-7996.
A: I’d like to make a collect call to 352-3558.
B: Who shall I say is phoning?
A: Operator
B: Hello. I’d like to make an international phone call to Tokyo.
A: Will this be person to person or station to station?
B: Person to person.
A: Who would you like to speak to?
B: Tracy Morgan.
A: Long distance, please. Person to person to jack. The number is 335-7216.
B: Area code?
A: Oh! It’s in Punjab, Pakistan.
B: What city, please?
A: Lahore.
B: Just a moment, please. The number is 197-2700.
A: Operator, could you please get me 812-7986 in London?
B: You can dial that direct, sir.
A: Number, please?
B: 337-7554.
A: Sorry , sir. The line is busy. Will you hold on?
B: NO, I’ll call back later.
A: Hello?
B: Hello. May I speak to Tim, please?
A: I’m afraid you have the wrong number.
B: I am sorry
A: How would you like this call to be billed?
B: Collect
A: Hello, this is Ted. May I speak to peter?
B: Just a moment, please. I’ll see if he’s in.

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