A: How about going to a football game tonight?
B: Sure, that sounds great. What time?
A: About 5:00. I’ll pick you up.
A: Can I get you anything to drink?
B: No, thank you.
A: Do you want to drive to Scotland this weekend?
B: I’d rather not.
A: Why not? It could be fun.
A: What do you say to eating out tonight?
B: Which restaurant would you like to go to?
A: How about KFC?
B: Okay, let’s go.
A: You should try to pick up your plane ticket today.
B: I know.
A: Why not have lunch together now?
B: What a good idea!
A: I think it would be better to go into the details now.
B: That’s what I’m thinking
A: How does that sound to you?
B: Ok with me.

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