Model Verbs

Model Verbs
Common Modal Verbs
Ought to

I can speak Spanish.
They can’t speak fluently
Can you play the piano?
Can’t you come tomorrow?

He could beat the record easily
I couldn’t help you
Could you come yesterday?
Couldn’t Pakistan win the world cup?

We must get up early in the morning
You mustn’t tell a lie
Must I go to college everyday?
Mustn’t they learn English?

We should help the poor people
You shouldn’t smoke cigarettes
Should I learn English?
Shouldn’t they play cricket in the street?

It may rain today
Pakistan may win the match
May I come in?
May we not sit here?

He might come anytime
She mightn’t pass the test
Might they learn English?
Mightn’t she go to London?

Have to
I have to learn English
We don’t have to get up early in the morning
Do you have to go at 9?
Don’t they have to speak English in the class?

Have got to
I have got to go
She has got to work hard
Have you got to catch the train?
Have they got to learn French?

Ought to
I ought to obey my elders
We ought not to tell a lie
Ought we to learn English?
Ought they not come late?

Degree of possibility
He could be upstairs
He might be upstairs
He may be upstairs

She might win
She will win
She may win
She could win

Polite Requests
Can I see you in your office, please?
Could I see you in your office, please?
May I see you in your office, please?
Would you tell me the time, please?
Could you tell me the time, please?
Can you tell me the time, please?
Will you tell me the time, please?

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