Love and Relationships

Are you married?    
Describe your perfect man/woman.
Finish this sentence: Love is __________   
At what age do couples usually get married in your country?
Is sex before marriage acceptable in your country?
Are arranged marriages common in your country? How do you feel about arranged marriages?        
How do you feel about relationships where there is an age difference between the man and the woman?
Is marriage important to you? Why? Why not?
Is it culturally acceptable to live with a partner before marriage in your country?       
At what age are men and women allowed to get married in your country?
Are you a romantic?
"Love makes the world go round." Is this sentence true or false?
What's the difference between loving somebody and being in love with somebody?
What is the most romantic thing somebody has done for you?          
What is the most romantic thing you have done for somebody else?

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