What is your favourite wild animal? Have you ever seen/touched one?        
What's your favourite colour? Why?
What is your favourite computer game? How often do you play it?
What is your favourite book? Who was it written by?
What is your favourite country apart from your own? Why?               
Where is your favourite place? What do you do there?
Who is your favourite artist? Have you seen any of the artist's work? Where?            
What is your favourite food? What's your favourite western food?
What is your favourite leisure activity? How many times a week do you do it?            
Who is your favourite person? What do they do?
What is your favourite TV programme? What's it about?      
Who is you favourite footballer? Which team does he play for?
Where is your favourite restaurant? What type of food does it serve?           
What is your favourite day of the week? What do you normaly do on this day?
Who is your favourite band? Where do they come from?    
What is your favourite sport? How often do you play?
To the teacher: These Conversation Questions are written in British English. If your students are learning American English you will have to explain to the the reason for the different spellings i.e. Favourite = Favorite Football = Soccer Colour = Color etc. You may want to spend some time eliciting some extra differences between British and American English.

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