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Improve your English Listening with Songs
Using English songs is a fun way to expand your English vocabulary and improve your listening.
Get a song first. Most of you probably already have a favorite song in English, but if you don't have one, start listening to for example Live365 or SHOUTcast online radio.
These radio stations show the artist and title while a song is playing. Once you've selected your song, buy your own copy or find it on YouTube and download it with the free Real Player Download
Use the lyrics. Play the song a few times and try to write down the text. To check whether you heard it right you need the lyrics (song text). There are many web sites to download the lyrics.
Find the meaning. Looking up the song meaning can help you understand the song better. Try to guess the meaning of unfamiliar words from the context ("context clue"). If you still have no idea, use a learner's or slang dictionary to find the meaning.
Sing along. Now play the song again and sing along, so that you also practice the pronunciation of your song. A karaoke version of the video may be available online.

Here's some collection you may like this:

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