A: Mrs. Reed to see you, Mr.Long.
B: Oh, Yes. Tell him to come in, please.
A: Good morning. I want to see the sales manager, please.
B: Do you have an appointment?
A: Yes, at 10:30
B: What’s your name, please?
A: Well, feel free to come and see me if you have any questions.
B: Thanks a lot
A: When is the deadline for applications?
B: It is the end of this month.
A: Let’s fix the time and place of our meeting.
B: How about tomorrow evening?
A: Okay with me.
A: Was your proposal accepted?
B: It was turned down
A: That post is too important for me to undertake.
B: No, you can do it.
A: When shall we meet next time?
B: How about the beginning of next month?

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