Passive With Get & Get Married

Passive with Get
The word get is sometimes used instead of be to form the passive. In such cases, get indicates a change in status or condition. For example,

I got sick after eating the red meat.
(I became sick.)
They will get married tomorrow.
(They changed from “single” to “married.”)
He got killed in the accident.
(Something caused him to die.)

Get is often used in idiomatic expressions. For example,

What time will you get done?
(What time will you be finished?)
James got drunk at the party
(He became drunk at the party.)
I hope you get better soon
(I hope you become well soon.)
We got engaged last week
(We became an engaged couple.)

Get Married/Be Married
Active: The preacher married Jack and Jill.
Passive: Jack and Jill were married (by the preacher).
Jack married Jill. (S V O) (Okay)

Be Married To
Two meanings
Jack was married to Jill
(by the preacher)
Jill was married to Jack
(but not anymore)

Jack is married
(current status)
Jack is married to Jill
Jack was married
(but he isn’t anymore)

Jack has been married for five months.
Jack and Jill have been married for five months.
How long have Jack and Jill been married?

X Jack married to Jill.
X Jack married with Jill.
X Jack was married with Jill.

Get Married
Jack and Jill will get married next week.
Jack and Jill will be married next week (by the preacher).
Jack got married on April 1.
Jack got married (to Jill) on April 1. (not common)
Jack and Jill got married on April 1. (better)

X Jack and Jill have gotten married since October.
X How long have Jack and Jill gotten married?

Get Engaged/Be Engaged
Get engaged
Be engaged
Be engaged to

Jill got engaged (to Jack) last week. (not common)
Jack and Jill got engaged last week.
Jack and Jill are engaged now.
Jack and Jill have been engaged for one week.

X Jack engaged Jill.
X Jack got engaged with Jill.
X They have gotten engaged for one week.
X How long have they gotten engaged?

Get Divorced/Be Divorced
A divorced B
Get divorced
Be divorced
Be divorced from

Jack divorced Jill. (or vice versa)
Jack and Jill got divorced last month.
Jack and Jill are divorced now.
Jack is divorced
Jill is divorced.
When did they get divorced?
How long have they been divorced?
They have been divorced for a month.
Jack is divorced from Jill. (not common)

X Jill got divorced with Jack.
X Jack has gotten divorced for one month.
X How long have Jack and Jill gotten divorced?

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